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Ashford Athletic Club have numerous general and specialised coaches available to its members. All coaches are qualified, have numerous years worth of experience to offer. All coaches and officials are fully licensed and CRB checked by UK Athletics; all volunteers have to complete application form and self-declaration form, provide references and be approved by the AAC committee.

Coaching in schools? – Please click here for guidelines regarding use of coaches in schools. afPE have re-released this guidance in the afPE safe practice handbook – appendix 3B, pp313- 316.

Our Coaches

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Name Discipline Coaching Qualification Email Address  
John Bancroft L2 Jumps, L3 High Jump NCDP L3
Stella Bandu L2 Endurance, L3 Steeplechase NCDP L3
Ashley Buckman Horizontal Jumps Athletics Coach
Kian Crawford Young Athletes Run, Jump & Throw Athletics Coach
Ronan Donohue Endurance Running Athletics Coach
Dave Fox L2 Throws, L3 Shot NCDP, L3 Discus NCDP L3
Tracey Glendinning L2 Speed, L2 Jumps L2  
Ted Hawkins L2 Throws, L2 Speed, L3 BAF Strength & Conditioning, L3 Discus, L3 Hammer, L3 Shot Put, L3 Sprints L3
Phil Heathfield L2 Endurance, Children in Athletics Leader L2
Chris Hobbs Race Walking, L2 Endurance, L2 Speed, L5 Race Walking Official L2
Jonathan Hobbs AC Race Walking, Endurance Running Athletics Coach
Derek Laws Pole Vault NCDP & Sprints L3
Pete Le Rossignol L2 Jumps, L3 Coaching Young Athletes, Sprints, Disability Athletics, Wheelchair Racing L3
Pam Lowe Young Athletes Run, Jump & Throw. L2 Jumps. L2
John Norman Endurance Running Athletics Coach
Gerard O'Sullivan Endurance Running, Sight Loss Awareness and Guide Running Athletics Coach
Chas Robinson Sprints, Hurdles & Performance Coaching L2
John Rogers Endurance L2
Fiona Sime L2 Jumps, L2 Speed, L2 Throws, Leadership in Running Fitness, Disability Athletics, Wheelchair Racing L2
Lewis Smith Short & Long Sprints Athletics Coach
Jacqi Snare L2 Speed, L2 Endurance, L3 Sprints, L3 Hurdles, L3 Middle Distance, L3 Long Distance, Young Athletes Coach, Sports Leader LCDP L3
Grace Sullivan Sprints & Jumps Coaching Assistant
Emma Wilkinson-Snare L2 Endurance, Children in Athletics Leader L2

Photograph not available

John Bancroft

Mobile: 07961 432110

Photograph not available

Stella Bandu

Mobile: 07960 371958



We have no further contact information for Ashley Buckman.

We have no further contact information for Kian Crawford.

We have no further contact information for Ronan Donohue.

Photo of Dave Fox

Dave Fox

We have no further contact information for Tracey Glendinning.

Photograph not available

Ted Hawkins

Telephone: 01233 621409

We have no further contact information for Phil Heathfield.

Photo of Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

We have no further contact information for Jonathan Hobbs.

Photo of Derek Laws

Derek Laws

Mobile: 07841 639729

Photo of Pete Le Rossignol

Pete Le Rossignol

Telephone: 01233 557125

Mobile: 07838 122568

We have no further contact information for Pam Lowe.

Photo of John Norman

John Norman

Photograph not available

Gerard O'Sullivan

Telephone: 07745 805720

Photo of Chas Robinson

Chas Robinson

We have no further contact information for John Rogers.

Photograph not available

Fiona Sime

Mobile: 07754 123124

Photo of Lewis Smith

Lewis Smith

Mobile: 07479 819356

Photo of Jacqi Snare

Jacqi Snare

Mobile: 07796 953305

We have no further contact information for Grace Sullivan.

We have no further contact information for Emma Wilkinson-Snare.

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