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March AAC Results

Posted: 5th Apr 2018 by Lewis Smith

March saw 27 PB's, 2 club records, 21 county medals, 9 county titles and 2 county championship records. Results are as follows:



Matthew Elliott (U20M) - 7.20

Lewis Smith (U23M) - 7.36

Ashley Buckman (U23M) - 7.68 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 7.85

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 8.29

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 11.97



Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) – 22.72 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 25.03

Faith Cox (U20W) – 28.06 (PB)

Kaliyah Lacey (U15W) – 29.35 (PB)



Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) – 50.75 (PB)

Luke Hughes (U17M) – 54.43 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 56.28



Marshall Smith (U20M) – 2:02.25

Lewis Smith (U23M) – 2:05.6 (PB)

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 2:22.89

Faith Cox (U20W) – 2:43.25 

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 2:51.36 (PB)



Marshall Smith (U20M) – 4:10.20


Parkrun (5km): 

Marshall Smith (U20M) – 16:07 (PB)

Matthew Hogben (SenM) – 18:29

William Knight (U17M) – 19:27

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 20:34

Jack Huxley (U23M) – 23:12 (PB)

Rebecca Dyer (V35W) – 23:18

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 24:12

Jenny Wilton (V45W) – 24:52 (PB)

Heather Hayes (V55W) – 25:18 

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 26:57

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 28:49 (PB)

Gabi Stannard (U17W) – 31:37


10 Miles: 

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 1:45:31


Half Marathon: 

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 1:49:30

Heather Hayes (V55W) – 1:55:10 (PB)


20 Miles: 

Gerard O’Sullivan (V50M) – 2:14:50

Jane Wheeler (V45W) – 3:24:29 (PB)


60m Hurdles: 

Peter Davey (V40M) – 9.03 (V35M Height)

Kaliyah Lacey (U15W) – 9.64 (U15W Height)

Alex Prickett (U20W) – 10.60 (U20W Height) (PB)

Asha Lacey (U15W) – 10.71 (U15W Height) (PB)

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 12.29 (U13W Height) (PB)

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 15.10 (V70W Height)


1000m Walk: 

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 5:39.64 (PB)


2000m Walk: 

Chris Hobbs (V60M) – 10:40.18


35km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 3:10:27 (PB) SenM Club Record


50km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 4:37:42 (PB) SenM Club Record


Long Jump: 

Ashley Buckman (U23M) – 6.08

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 4.87

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 3.42

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 2.61


Triple Jump: 

Ashley Buckman (U23M) – 13.21

Steve Lake (V45M) – 11.23

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 10.41 

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 6.17


High Jump: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 1.85

Katie Hamilton (SenW) – 1.45

Faith Cox (U20W) – 1.35 (PB)

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 1.20 (PB)

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 0.99


Pole Vault: 

Luke Williams (SenM) – 3.60

Nathaniel Hughes (U15M) – 2.60 (PB)

Theo Fotheringham (U17M) – 2.50 (PB)

Lydia Owen (U15W) – 2.05 (PB)


Shot Put: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 10.56 (7.26kg)

Hannah Owen (U20W) – 9.46 (4kg) 

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 5.20 (2.72kg) (PB)



Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 1511 (PB)

Hobbs' 50km Success Continues

Posted: 23rd Mar 2018 by Lewis Smith

Two months after setting a new 50km race walk personal best and Ashford Athletic Club record at the Portuguese Championships, Jonathan Hobbs competed in the French Championships in the same event on Sunday 18th March and improved his mark again. In a competitive race, he finished 3rd, also an improvement on the race in Portugal where he finished 4th.

Conditions were fair but changeable in Mérignac, a suburb of Bordeaux, and 15 Frenchmen and one Spanish athlete started the race with Jonathan. Two years ago, when he competed in the race before, Jonathan had lined up against the world record holder and current world champion, Yohann Diniz, but this time Diniz opted for the 20km race.

Starting at a conservative pace, Jonathan was in the middle of the field at around 20km but increased the pressure and moved up the field. An early leader had lapped Jonathan twice – stretching to over 12 minute ahead – but after halfway Jonathan started to close him down quickly and finished the race less than 40 seconds behind.

Jonathan’s time for 50km was 4 hours, 37 minutes and 42 seconds; an improvement of over 7 minutes on his previous best. Finishing third, he was presented with a bottle of Bordeaux wine by the Mayor of Mérignac in front of the town hall.

After a short break, Jonathan will race in the British 20km championships in June before tackling his third 50km race of the year in the autumn.

Jonathan works at the Stour Centre in Ashford as a gym instructor and personal trainer, and is also a qualified athletics coach. If you would like to find out more then please visit his website via the following link:


(Photograph Credit: Pascal Chaintron)


(Photograph Credit: DD Cassale)

Link to photograph album:

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