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January AAC Results

Posted: 3rd Feb 2018 by Lewis Smith

January 2018 saw a great start to the new year, for AAC. The Club saw 14 new PB's and 2 new club records, for Jonathan Hobbs, who broke the 35km and 50km senior men race walking records. Congrats to all!



George Huxley (SenM) - 7.24

Matthew Elliott (U20M) - 7.26

Tyler Adams (U23M) - 7.48

Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) - 7.51

Sarris Teale (U15W) - 8.33



Ella Saxby (U17W) – 28.00



Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) – 51.04 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 57.16



Marshall Smith (U20M) – 2:06.07



Becky Dyer (V35W) – 26:08


Parkrun (5km): 

James Wilton (U20M) – 17:21 (PB)

Marshall Smith (U20M) – 17:26

Harrison Tremain (U17M) – 18:32 (PB)

Benjamin Smith (U15M) – 18:34 (PB) 

Daniel Fitch (U17M) – 19:24

Gerard O’Sullivan (V50M) – 19:25

Ronan Donohue (V40M) – 19:47

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 20:31

Matthew Hogben (V35M) – 20:38

Amberley Odysseas (U17W) – 22:26

George Huxley (SenM) – 23:03

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 24:13

Ciara Mackey (U17W) – 24:44

Jenny Wilton (V45W) – 25:01 (PB)

Heather Hayes (V50W) – 25:53 

Gabi Stannard (U17W) – 27:13

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 27:26

Chris Hobbs (V60M) – 27:52

Sophie Taylor (U15W) – 32:05


10 Miles: 

Michael Teale (V40M) – 1:24:14 (PB)

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 1:50:13


60m Hurdles: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 9.38 (SenM Height) (PB)

Kaliyah Lacey (U15W) – 9.59 (U15W Height) (PB)

Asha Lacey (U15W) – 11.00 (U15W Height) (PB)


5 Mile Walk: 

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 52:23 (PB)


35km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 3:14:42 (PB) SenM Club Record


50km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 4:45:05 (PB) SenM Club Record


Long Jump: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 6.06

Libby Turbutt (U15W) – 4.53

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 4.44


Triple Jump:
Grace Sullivan (U20W) – 11.39

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 10.35


High Jump: 

Matt Smiley (SenM) – 1.80

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 1.77

Katie Hamilton (SenW) – 1.45

Libby Turbutt (U15W) – 1.31 (PB)


Pole Vault: 

Luke Williams (SenM) – 3.60

Laura-Ann Henderson (SenW) – 2.80


Shot Put: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 10.76 (7.26kg)

Libby Turbutt (U15W) – 6.89 (3kg) (PB)

Kent Indoor Track & Field Championships

Posted: 20th Jan 2018 by Lewis Smith

The Kent Indoor Track & Field Championships are being held on Saturday, 17th and Sunday, 18th March 2018. They are being held at Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, Edmonton, Enfield, N9 0AR.


Event Information:

  1. U15/U17 £7 per event; U20/Senior £8 per event.
  2. The closing date is Thursday, 1st March 2018 - Late entries will not be considered or accepted. Nor will telephone entries.
  3. This event is not open to Under 13 athletes and Under 15 and Under 17 athletes will not be permitted to compete in more than three individual events on the same day.
  4. Field event competitors will be allowed a maximum of 4 attempts, except in High Jump and Pole Vault.
  5. Due to venue capacity Disability events will be limited to Ambulant 60m, Shot Put & Long Jump.
  6. In Triple Jump the take-off boards permitted will be as follows: - SM 11/13m; U20M 9/11m; SW, U20W, U17s and U15s 7/9m.


The Expected Schedule of events: (The organisers reserve the right to amend)

Saturday – 17th March

Sunday – 18th March

60mH (all)

60m (all)

200m (all)

300m (U15s/U17W) / 400m (others)

800m (all)

1500m (all)

1K Walk (all)

 HJ U15G, U15 B, U17M

HJ U17W, U20W, SW, U20M, SM

SP (Women)

PV (Women)

LJ (Women)

TJ (Women)

TJ (Men)

LJ (Men)

PV (Men)

SP (Men)



Online Entries:


Disability Entries:


Indoor Postal Entry Form:

Document can be found here:

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