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October AAC Results

Posted: 4th Nov 2017 by Lewis Smith

As the season now moves into a quiter period of the year, typically featuring road races, we can now look at the results for October 2017. AAC saw 20 PB's and 1 Club Record for Oliver Prior in the U17M 10km. Oliver ran a fantastic race at the Givaudan 10K, coming 2nd out of 1000 runners, which has also ranked him 2nd in the UK in the Under 17 Men age category. A huge achievement.


The results are as follows:


Parkrun (5km):

Adam Wood (U17M) – 17:14

Daniel Fitch (U17M) – 18:22 (PB)

Matt Britton (SenM) – 18:24

Harrison Tremain (U17M) – 19:07 (PB)

David Gillett (V35M) – 19:19

Benjamin Smith (U15M) – 19:31 (PB)

Andy Robertson (SenM) – 19:32

Gerard O’Sullivan (V50M) – 19:39

Andrew Noble (V50M) – 19:47

David Winston (SenM) – 19:55

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 21:11

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 22:41 (PB)

Ciara Mackey (U17W) – 23:20

Heather Hayes (SenW) – 25:46 

Jenny Wilton (V45W) – 26:18

Philip Bridges (V45M) – 27:09 

Chris Hobbs (V60M) – 28:00

Victoria Travis (V45W) – 28:14 

Ian Mackett (V55M) – 28:19

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 29:02 

Ella Saxby (U15W) – 32:02 (PB)

Kristian Samwell-Nash – 32:03 (PB)



Oliver Prior (U17M) – 33:07 (PB) U17M Club Record 

Marshall Smith (U20M) – 34:29 (PB) 

Adam Wood (U17M) – 35:52 (PB)

Gerard O’Sullivan (V50M) – 38:11 

Harrison Tremain (U17M) – 39:42 (PB)

Phillip Heathfield (V35M) – 43:15

Philip Bridges (V45M) – 48:44 (PB) 

Gabi Stannard (U17W) – 50:50 (PB)

Heather Hayes (V50W) – 51:54 (PB)

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 1:02:26 (PB)


10 Miles:

Marshall Smith (U20M) – 56:44 (PB) 

Peter Le Rossignol (V35M) – 1:25:39 (PB)


Half Marathon: 

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 1:48:16 

Jack Huxley (U23M) – 1:51:22 (PB)



Andrew Noble (V50M) – 3:05:29


3km Walk: 

Devina Nova (U15W) – 18:07 (PB)


10km Walk: 

Chris Hobbs (V60M) – 58:18

Lesley Hall (V60W) – 1:06:14 (PB)

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 1:08:54 (PB)

Throws Safety Bulletin

Posted: 26th Oct 2017 by Lewis Smith


All implements thrown during athletics training sessions and competition have the potential to be lethal weapons if not properly supervised at all times.


Whilst accidents remain rare, a recent fatality and a concerning number of accidents and near misses (summarised below), have highlighted a need for improved vigilance. Accordingly, UK Athletics has produced this safety bulletin as a means of reinforcing critical safety protocols, as well as raising awareness of the potential dangers associated with throwing events.




Athlete fatality caused by the collapse of a portable throws cage;


Official struck on the shin by a discus;


Official struck in the chest by a discus;


Two members of public walking across infield area during javelin practice;


Javelin narrowly missed a field official in the middle of the sector;


Hammer escaped over the top of a cage and landed 1m from an Official.


For those coaching and officiating at venues where throws activity is taking place, it is vitally important to remain vigilant at all times.


Bystanders, spectators and even athletes are not always aware of the dangers associated with throwing events; it is your responsibility as a coach and official to inform and educate them for their own good and for your own peace of mind. 


Top five throwing safety essentials:


1. NEVER, EVER turn your back on a throws circle or runway.


2. When coaching or officiating at venues with throws facilities you must remain alert to any throws activity that is taking place, even when this is conducted from within a safety cage.


3. Those officiating in infield areas must be suitably qualified, able to move quickly in all directions and have good eyesight, hearing, balance and mobility.


4. A warning horn MUST be used for all hammer, discus, javelin and weight throw competitions (including warm ups). The ONLY exception to this is for British Athletics TV Events where additional safety measures and personnel will have been introduced to ensure the safety of all participants and officials.


5. For your own safety and that of others, you should always follow the throws safety guidance contained within the UKA Safe Codes of Practice for Track & Field.


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