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March AAC Results

Posted: 5th Apr 2018 by Lewis Smith

March saw 27 PB's, 2 club records, 21 county medals, 9 county titles and 2 county championship records. Results are as follows:



Matthew Elliott (U20M) - 7.20

Lewis Smith (U23M) - 7.36

Ashley Buckman (U23M) - 7.68 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 7.85

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 8.29

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 11.97



Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) – 22.72 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 25.03

Faith Cox (U20W) – 28.06 (PB)

Kaliyah Lacey (U15W) – 29.35 (PB)



Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17M) – 50.75 (PB)

Luke Hughes (U17M) – 54.43 (PB)

Peter Davey (V40M) – 56.28



Marshall Smith (U20M) – 2:02.25

Lewis Smith (U23M) – 2:05.6 (PB)

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 2:22.89

Faith Cox (U20W) – 2:43.25 

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 2:51.36 (PB)



Marshall Smith (U20M) – 4:10.20


Parkrun (5km): 

Marshall Smith (U20M) – 16:07 (PB)

Matthew Hogben (SenM) – 18:29

William Knight (U17M) – 19:27

Briony Walsh (SenW) – 20:34

Jack Huxley (U23M) – 23:12 (PB)

Rebecca Dyer (V35W) – 23:18

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 24:12

Jenny Wilton (V45W) – 24:52 (PB)

Heather Hayes (V55W) – 25:18 

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 26:57

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 28:49 (PB)

Gabi Stannard (U17W) – 31:37


10 Miles: 

Gordon Steadwood (V50M) – 1:45:31


Half Marathon: 

Andrew Huxley (V50M) – 1:49:30

Heather Hayes (V55W) – 1:55:10 (PB)


20 Miles: 

Gerard O’Sullivan (V50M) – 2:14:50

Jane Wheeler (V45W) – 3:24:29 (PB)


60m Hurdles: 

Peter Davey (V40M) – 9.03 (V35M Height)

Kaliyah Lacey (U15W) – 9.64 (U15W Height)

Alex Prickett (U20W) – 10.60 (U20W Height) (PB)

Asha Lacey (U15W) – 10.71 (U15W Height) (PB)

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 12.29 (U13W Height) (PB)

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 15.10 (V70W Height)


1000m Walk: 

Jacqueline Benson (U20W) – 5:39.64 (PB)


2000m Walk: 

Chris Hobbs (V60M) – 10:40.18


35km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 3:10:27 (PB) SenM Club Record


50km Walk: 

Jonathan Hobbs (SenM) – 4:37:42 (PB) SenM Club Record


Long Jump: 

Ashley Buckman (U23M) – 6.08

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 4.87

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 3.42

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 2.61


Triple Jump: 

Ashley Buckman (U23M) – 13.21

Steve Lake (V45M) – 11.23

Sarris Teale (U15W) – 10.41 

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 6.17


High Jump: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 1.85

Katie Hamilton (SenW) – 1.45

Faith Cox (U20W) – 1.35 (PB)

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 1.20 (PB)

Patricia Oakes (V70W) – 0.99


Pole Vault: 

Luke Williams (SenM) – 3.60

Nathaniel Hughes (U15M) – 2.60 (PB)

Theo Fotheringham (U17M) – 2.50 (PB)

Lydia Owen (U15W) – 2.05 (PB)


Shot Put: 

Tyler Adams (U23M) – 10.56 (7.26kg)

Hannah Owen (U20W) – 9.46 (4kg) 

Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 5.20 (2.72kg) (PB)



Nadia Sadler-Reeves (U13W) – 1511 (PB)

Kent Indoor Championships Report

Posted: 22nd Mar 2018 by Lewis Smith

Ashford Athletic Club Amazing Medal Haul

Ashford AC athletes rounded off the indoor season with an amazing medal haul at the Kent County Indoor Championships, hosted at Lee Valley last weekend. 26 athletes from AAC took part in the Championships and came home with an astonishing 21 medals, including 9 Golds. On the track, Jacqueline Benson (U20) who’s personal best time not only won Gold in the 1000m Walk, but also broke the Kent Indoor Championship Record and the Club Record.

Kristian Samwell-Nash (U17) became a double Kent Champion, winning Gold in both the 200m (22.72s) and 400m. His 400m run in the final (50.75s) was one of the fastest times ever recorded by a 15-year-old indoors in UK history. Another Gold was won on the track by Marshall Smith (U20) in a very competitive 1500m, with a new Kent Indoor Championship Record of 4m10.20s.

5 Silvers from the track were added to the medal totals, won over the 2-day event in the heated surrounding of Lee Valley Arena. Marshall Smith (U20), who normally runs longer distances, added to his Gold medal with a Silver in the 800m (2m02.25s). Not to be left out by his older brother, Lewis, who normally competes in the sprints and jumps, winning an unexpected Silver medal in the 800m Senior final with a PB (2m05.6s). Briony Walsh joined the mens success and won an impressive Silver medal in the Senior women’s race (2m22.89s).


The always competitive women’s 60m Hurdles, also produced Silver medals for both Kaliyah Lacey (U15) with a time of 9.65s, and Alex Prickett (U20) who ran a PB of 10.60s.


However, it was in the field events that Ashford AC really made their mark, with an outstanding 13 medals.


Gold was won by Sarris Teale (U15) in the Triple Jump (10.41m), and she followed this up with a well-deserved Bronze in the Long Jump (4.87m). Ashley Buckman won Gold in the Senior Mens Triple Jump (13.21m) and added a Bronze in the Long Jump (6.08m).  


Tyler Adams, who specialises in combined events, won Gold in the Senior Men’s High Jump (1.85m), and followed this up with Silver in the Shot Put (10.56m). Ashford AC women were also represented in the Shot Put by Hannah Owen (U20) who won and just missed out on a PB (9.46m).


The women's team also impressed in the High Jump, with Gold for Katie Hamilton in the Senior competition (1.45m), and Faith Cox (U20) winning Bronze in the U20 competition with a PB of 1.35m.


The Pole Vault also proved good pickings for Ashford AC with Silver and a PB for Lydia Owen (U15) with a PB of 2.05m, and Bronze for Luke Williams in the Senior Men's competition (3.60m). Theo Fotheringham (U17) achieved a personal best of 2.50m, but just missed out on a medal. The biggest smile of the weekend though was on the face of youngster Nathaniel Hughes (U15), who wascompeting in his first ever indoor competition and proudly wore his Bronze medal all day after beating his PB by 80cm with a height of 2.60m.


4 athletes, who didn’t quite make the podium, still put in excellent performances. Nathaniels older brother, Luke Hughes (U17), made the final of one of the fastest U17 400m races Lee Valley Arena has ever seen, and set a huge PB in the heats. Club Record holder, Matt Elliott (U20), just missed out in the 60m final with an excellent time of 7.20s. Up and coming athlete, Asha Lacey (U15), also ran an impressive PB in the 60m Hurdles (10.71s).


Ashford AC are now getting ready to replicate and add to its recent successes, as the Kent County Outdoor Championships draws closer, with 8 weeks left until it is held at the Club’s home track. The Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford, will, as always be packed with athletes from all over the county on the weekend of the 11th and 12th May 2018.













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