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Kent Cross Country League Race 2 Report

Posted: 31st Oct 2018 by Lewis Smith

The second cross country race of the winter season commenced on Saturday 27th October in Tonbridge. It was a slightly colder day than the previous race, but still a dry day. The turnout of athletes from Ashford AC was once again brilliant, with 18 athletes competing. The Club had two wins, one for Oliver Prior (U20) and the other for Louis Small (U15) who took his second consecutive win.


Under 13 Boys (3km): 

Liam Woodham was the lone soldier for Ashford AC's Under 13 Boys. He ran superbly, bettering his position from the last cross-country race by six places to come 64th in a time of 13m43s. Well done Liam!


Under 15 Boys (4km):

Twin brothers, Louis and Jack Small, were back making a huge impact. Louis took the win again with a time of 13m07s, with Jack bettering his position from the last cross-country race by four places to come 6th with a time of 13m50s. Spectacular performances for both, well done boys!


Under 17 Men (5km):

Adam Wood matched his position from the last race, with 6th, whilst running a faster time of 16m36s, so fantastic consistent running from him. Kristian Samwell-Nash ran off in true sprint style at the start of the cross country, finishing in 49th with a strong sprint finish. Kristian ran a time of 24m28s, well done Kris!


Under 20 Men (5km):

Oliver Prior won the Under 20's 5km race, in a brilliant time of 16m16s, great work! Harrison Tremain was 3rd with a smashing time of 17m08s. Strong performances boys, well done!


Senior Men (10km):

Marshall Smith (U20) ran in the Senior Men's race once again. Despite running the Great South 10 Mile Run the previous weekend, he still managed to place 12th out of a field of 221 runners, with a time of 34m17s. Well done Marshall! Nick Collins finished in a brilliant 39th with a time of 37m25s, which is an improvement on both time and position from the last race, so a fantastic performance for Nick. Gordon Steadwood also had a fantastic run (unfortunately Gordon's final result has not been published, Briony will be chasing this up though).


Under 15 Girls (4km):

Elisha Rogers ran another fabulous race, finishing in 21st and running a time of 17m35s. Frankie Stannard came 45th with a time of 20m05s, which is a huge improvement from her last race, well done Frankie! Anna Hinson also ran and came 52nd with a time of 21m36s. Fantastic results girls!


Senior Women (5km):

Gabi Stannard (U20) ran with the Senior Women and was placed 4th for Under 20 Women, with a time of 26m11s. Well done Gabi! Ashford AC had another full  women's team out in force, with Gemma Carter Collins bettering her position and time in this race with 12th and a time of 20m24s. Briony Walsh also bettered her position, coming 15th with a time of 20m30s. Becky Dyer came 82nd, a brilliant comeback for Becky after sustaining an injury earlier in the year. Nicki Buckman ran a big run, finishing in 139th with a time of 33m11s.


Thanks to all that competed and helped out. We look forward to seeing you all at the next race!

Kent Cross Country League Race 1 Report

Posted: 15th Oct 2018 by Lewis Smith

The first cross country race of the winter season commenced on Saturday 13th October in Beech Grove, Nonnington. Typical cross-country weather was not to be seen, with warmer weather than the athletes are usually used to – it was 22 degrees with sun and wind! The turnout of athletes from Ashford AC was brilliant, with 23 athletes competing. The Club had one win, and two full teams in the senior races for the first time in a long time.


Under 13 Girls and Under 13 Boys 3km Races: 

Nadia Sadler-Reeves was the Club’s only female U13 athlete on the day, and unfortunately, Nadia hurt herself whilst running the first part of the race, as the terrain was hard and bumpy. We wish her a speedy recovery! 

Liam Woodham was the Club’s only male U13 athlete on the day and ran brilliantly for his first ever club cross country, finishing 70th with a time of 14m27s.


Under 15 Girls and Under 15 Boys 4km Races: 

Grace Whittingham, Elisha Roger and Frankie Stannard made a brilliant team in the U15 girls’ race. Elisha finished in 12th - her highest placing since she started cross country - in a time of 17m12s. Grace finished in 51st with a time of 20m32s and Frankie finished 60th in a time of 22m40s.

The boy’s team were brothers Louis and Jack Small, and what a double they were! Louis won the U15 race in a time of 13m25s, finishing 2 seconds in front of second place from Tonbridge AC. His brother, Jack, finished in a brilliant 10th with a time of 14m41s. Both of these boys are new to the Club and have debuted in the best and most positive way.


Under 17 Girls and Under 17 Boys 5km Races: 

Ciara Mackey was the Club’s only U17 female athlete. Ciara is a very consistent cross-country runner, and she finished 31st in a time of 27m21s.

Ashford AC had a strong U17 boys’ team out with Adam Wood, Charlie Ward, Louis Stival and Daniel Fitch - two of them being brand new to the Club and cross country. Adam finished a brilliant 6th with a time of 17m44s, Daniel finished 36th with a time of 21m22s, Charlie finished 43rd with a time of 24m10s and Louis finished 45th with a time of 25m14s.


Under 20 Women and Under 20 Men 5km Races: 

Gabi Stannard was the Club’s only U20 woman, with this race combined with the Senior Women's race. Gabi came 9th for U20’s with a time of 26m44s.

The men’s U20 athletes were Harrison Tremain and Will Knight. Harrison finished 5th with a time of 18m42s, and Will, in his debut performance in cross country, finished 10th with a time of 19m13s.


Senior Men 10km and Women 5km: 

Cross Country Team Manager, Briony Walsh, was delighted to have two full teams out for the senior races. Gemma Carter Collins was the first lady home for Ashford AC, finishing in 16th place with a time of 21m40s. Team Manager, Briony, finished in a time of 22m31s coming 28th. Finally, Nikki Buckman debuted for the Club, coming 128th in a time of 35m36s. 

The Senior Men’s team consisted of Marshall Smith (Under 20), who competed in the senior race instead of the U20’s, finishing 9th in a time of 35m36s. Nick Collins ran his first cross country race, finishing in 41st place with a time of 39m16s. Sahil Sood also debuted, completing the race in a time of 45m47s and coming 126th. Also running his first cross country race, Andrew Huxley came 180th with a time of 50m44s. Gordon Steadwood was 216th with a time of 1hr03m24s. Brilliant performances by all.


Thanks to all that competed and roll on the next race on 27th October!

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