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Southern Athletics League, 22 May, Hornchurch

Posted: 31st May 2016 by Andrea Bennett

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Southern Athletic League – Division 2 East. Saturday 15th August, Lee Valley

Posted: 21st Aug 2015 by Andrea Bennett

Members of Ashford AC travelled to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in north London for the last match of the season in the Southern Athletics League. With prior commitments at the Julie Rose Stadium, Team Manager Pete le Rossignol was unable to travel with the team. He did, however, see the team off from Ashford, giving him the opportunity to announce the names of the team’s athletes of the season. Although the league competition is a team effort, the choice of Natalie Whiskin for the women’s team and Matt Harris for the men’s team, was fully supported by their colleagues, with both athletes having covered numerous events during the season.

Unfortunately, the match coincided with the Southern area under 15 and 17 championships which meant several regular members of the women’s team were unavailable. As a result, stand in Team Manager, Becky Dyer, had a team of only six female athletes to cover a full programme of events. With gentle persuasion and juggling, most of the women’s events were contested by the Ashford team. Throughout the afternoon, the sight of Ashford athletes running from one event to another was commonplace.

The men’s team was much better represented and their numbers were always boosting the team’s morale and adding to the gutsy efforts of the women’s team.

For most of the match the regular announcement of the match points updates had Ashford in last place, but because of the team mind-set of battling to the end, Ashford finished in third place and could quite easily have come second.

The final overall points score means Ashford finish in the top half of the division – no promotion, no relegation, but a good solid team reward. For next season, the Team Management will be expecting more club members to turn out to meetings to give those that have supported the team, a better chance to focus on their own speciality events. 

Women’s team: -

Becky Dyer, Debbie Martin, Katie Hamilton, Natalie Whiskin, Isobel Dickinson, Jemma Coales.

Men’s team: -

George Huxley, jack Huxley, Connor Owen, Kian Crawford, Matt Harris, Robert Banks, Peter Banks,, Matt Hogben, Lewis Smith, Marshall Smith, Ashley Buckman, Luke Williams, Alex Wharfe, Kyle Denning, Andy Robertson, Ben Roberts

Match result: -

  1. Cambridge and Coleridge      216 points

  2. West Suffolk and Diss             186 points

  3. Ashford AC                              156 points

  4. Enfield and Haringey.             123 points

Report by Chas Robinson

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