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ALT Open Meeting Report

Posted: 10th Sep 2017 by Lewis Smith

With the 2017 season at an end, Ashford AC athletes had one last chance to put in a performance at their home ground. Ashford Leisure Trust hosted their 20th Anniversary Games on Wednesday, 6th September to celebrate twenty years since the Julie Rose Stadium was opened.

There were thirty-three performances for AAC and our athletes were not short of PB's and Club Records, something that seems to of been a usual occurence for the Club this season.

The evening kicked off with the 150m sprint, all proceeds were donated to charity. There was an AAC 1-2-3 for Kristian Samwell-Nash, Luke Hughes and Sarris Teale with all three athletes running new PB's. Kristian beat the Club Record with a time of 17.35s, this placed Kristian as the fifth fastest of all-time in the UK for the U15 age category.

Next on the track was the 75m sprint for the U11 age category. With the Club now enrolling athletes from year four, it was a great chance for new athletes Avie Teale and Samuel Parrott to get on the track and gain some race experience.

The 100m followed, a hotly contested event. Although not the perfect race conditions, it didn't stop there from being six PB's for brothers Oliver and Felix Gregory, Naomi Parrott, Anya Carroll, and sisters Nadia and Yasmin Sadler-Reeves. Alex Rampton, Yetunde Mongo and Sarris Teale all contested too, putting in strong performances despite the headwinds. Naomi was the only AAC contestant in the 200m, she managed to run another PB, an impressive finish to her strong season.

The 800m race was represented by Adam Wood, Benjamin Smith and Emily Galt who all managed to run new PB's. Adam took the win in 2m8.31s whilst running negative splits (i.e. a faster second lap compared to the first). Oliver Prior also took the win in the 1500m, Ollie was paced by training partner Marshall for the first 1km and then went on to smash his PB by seven seconds with a time of 4m13.76s.

The lactate-filled runs commenced at 8pm with the 600m first up. Kristian Samwell-Nash was after the U15M Club Record, which would complete his target of breaking six different records in six weeks (100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, and 600m). After breaking the 150m earlier in the evening, the adrenaline was still there and Kristian took it on with only one result in mind - to get the record. Kristian followed his race-plan set by his Coach Stella, Kristian powered through the last 300m to destroy the Club Record by four-and-a-half seconds with a time of 1m27.06s. Kristian has been ranked No.2 in the UK this year for 300m, 400m, and 600m. An unbelievable accomplishment for his first season in the sport.

The 400m followed shortly after the 600m. All athletes in the first race were from Ashford. Lewis Smith took the win in 51.20s followed by brother Marshall in a time of 55.19s, a huge difference in disciplines compared to his usual long distance running and race walking. Luke Hughes and Harrison Tremain took third and fourth with new PB's of 55.29s and 56.39s. Briony Walsh and Faith Cox ran in the second heat of the 400m, taking third and fourth place respectively.

The Pole Vault was going on all evening, hosted by Coach Derek Laws. AAC athletes Tyler Adams, Alfie Gilby, Luke Williams, Laura-Ann Henderson, Lydia Owen, Nathaniel Hughes, and Grace Pitman all took part in one of the most popular events of the evening. Both Lydia Owen and Nathaniel Hughes, new athletes to the event, set new PB's.

19 PB's to finish off the season. One of AAC's strong seasons in a while. Hopefully a foundation for an even bigger and better 2018 season. Let the Winter season commence!

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