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Jess Wilton Lockdown Blog

Article by: Jess Wilton

Posted: 5th Jun 2020 by Lewis Smith

Lockdown has been a very different way of life. It has to be said that I am enjoying the lie-ins! I used to have to be up at 5:30am most days to go to swim training before school. Now I am up at 7:30am. I have online school which has a fixed timetable and live lessons. I have my desk set up under the stairs and am inside from the start of school at 8:25am until lessons finish at 3:00pm. One day, I did walk to school out the backdoor and round to the front door! To start with, it was different and fun to be doing lessons and working using FaceTime with my friends (we really did work, I promise). It has become pretty frustrating now though, as I do not get to see my friends who I would normally see most days at school or two days a week at the track. I am stuck at a desk most of the day, so I am not spending enough time outside during the day. I get pretty stiff and achy by the end of the day. Home no longer feels as fun as it used to, as I am doing school in the same place as where I would normally have a fun time or relax. My brothers come home from work picking asparagus part way through the day, disturbing my lessons, which as you can imagine gets very annoying after just a few seconds.

Training in lockdown has definitely been an experience that I will not forget, as it has tested my motivation to keep going even when I am struggling as I cannot be very competitive as there is no one else to run with. However, I have managed to do a lot more running and gym sessions that have definitely benefited my running as I am able to improve my endurance, and it has made me a lot more excited about running 10K races (once I am old enough). My Mum and my brothers have taken it in turns to keep me company on my runs, which is nice even though I do get a bit grumpy with them! We are lucky enough to have a treadmill at home, but with my brothers and Mum training too, it is a bit of a juggling act making sure we all get a time slot. I have thoroughly enjoyed Ash and Stella’s S&C zoom sessions, as it is nice to train together and talk to my training mates. I am working really hard on improving my core strength. It can be quite hysterical at times, especially when people accidentally forget to go on mute. My brothers seem to like to jump in on the action and try to be in the camera which is very frustrating and annoying.

I enjoy the sports psychology zoom calls on a Monday, as we just get to talk about how we are doing. I am forward to seeing Stella’s TikTok.

I have done some pretty special things too. I am not one for sitting around so I have been busy cooking. Tiramisu and Tiramisu cheesecake have been on the menu. In fact, one night we had to eat tiramisu by candlelight for supper as we had a power cut. It was Tom’s birthday, so it was not the best day with lockdown as well, but I think my tiramisu made up for it. The next day, the fridge stopped working so we spent a week trying to cope with two cold boxes and it was the hottest week of the year so far. I have also camped in the garden and watched shooting stars and I have earnt myself an NHS race the distance medal for cycling a marathon with mum.

I wonder what I will be doing next… A bit more running I expect!

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