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Southern Athletics League

18th May 2024 - Hastings

Our first match of the season and..we won! We haven’t won away from home since 2018 and haven’t won two in a row since forever, so huge congratulations and thank you to everyone who competed. Pete counted 26 PBs and 23 SBs for the day which is incredible, and we had almost full team sheets thanks to several athletes taking on additional events to help the club.

There are far too many stand out performances to call them all out but I would like to mention our U17 athletes, many of who are in their first year competing at senior level. The number of PBs and the number of points they scored demonstrate the quality of their performances, and we hope to see them at future SAL matches!

Athlete of the match goes to Samuel Parrott, for getting several PBs and making an on the day decision to make his 3000m steeplechase debut. Those 5 points were hard earned! Honourable mention to the u17 men’s 4x400 team, Leo and Alfie’s high jump debuts and Derek’s full house of pole vault PB athletes.

Next match is Saturday 15th June - if you can complete please do let me know, it makes my life a lot easier if I know in advance!

Emily Griffiths