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Open Meetings

The stadium is one of the best tracks in the United Kingdom with an 8-lane international standard track as well as 4 lane indoor track with a throws cage and jumps pit. Ashford AC is developing the number of athletics open meetings it stages each year and will be looking to run regular open meetings through the summer season. Track events at all our open meetings will have photo finish and live track results. There will also be a range of field events at each open meeting depending on the number of volunteer officials available to run the events.


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Our Open Events for 2024. Please click on the "Enter Now" buttons as they become available.

Thursday May 2nd,Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford.  ENTER NOW

 Thursday July 4th, Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford.    ENTER NOW 

   Thursday August 8th, Julie Rose Stadium,Ashford.  ENTER NOW

Previous results can be found below:  

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2023-- Results for 18th May 2023 

           Results for 15th June 2023